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America's First Hemp Blunt, that's right. Hemp Wrap that is prefilled with Premium Hemp Flower. 2 hemp blunts in each foil - offering 5 delicious flavors: Mango Dream, OG Sweet, Vanilla Sky, Grape Kush & Natural. Each Blunt is approximately 2 grams of Hemp & 60mg of CBD. 2sies is grown and manufactured all in the USA, PS 2sies plays well with other herbs.

  • 2 hemp blunts per pack
  • 5 different flavor options
  • 2g of hemp per blunt

The 2SIES CBD blunt pairs well with other herbs and is made using material sourced from U.S farms to ensure safety and quality every single time. Each pack comes with 2 prerolled  CBD cigarettes that burn slowly and last a full session without any trouble.